Following Your Breathing By Measuring Breaths

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In a previous post we practiced Following Our Breathing By Counting Breaths. Now we’re going to learn how to follow our breathing by measuring our breaths.

Measuring Your Breaths: Each time you take a breath, silently measure the length by counting to yourself:

In … two … three … (four)
Out … two … three … (four)

There’s no need to try to make your breaths a certain length. Just breathing naturally from your abdomen and measuring your breaths, however long they take, by silently counting to yourself throughout the duration of each breath. You’ll probably find yourself counting to three, or four, or maybe even five, but the length isn’t important, and as you do this exercise, you may find your breaths naturally becoming longer and deeper as you relax.


The next mindful breathing practice is a 5-Minute Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation. You can also find this practice and more mindfulness meditations on my collection of 36 Guided Mindfulness Meditations.

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