Problems In Your Relationship?

If you're having problems in your relationship, it can consume you. You think about it all the time, and it can be difficult to focus on anything else, affecting your work, your sleep, and your ability to enjoy anything else going on in your life.

Perhaps you go over things again and again in your head, trying to figure out how you're feeling and why, or how your partner is feeling and why they are acting a certain way. But no matter how hard you think it through, it never quite makes sense and you're left in emotional turmoil, feeling as confused as ever.

When you're feeling this way, sometimes couples counselling can be helpful, but often there are thing you need to figure out and deal with on your own. In other cases, your partner may not be willing to try couples counselling, but you feel you that need to do something to make changes in the relationship.


How Counselling and Therapy Can Help

I'm a Guelph counsellor and therapist who specializes in helping people with relationship issues. If you're having difficulties in your relationship or feel confused about what you want out of your relationship, I can help you make sense of things and take steps to improve your situation.

Some of the things we can do include:

  • Exploring uncertainty or mixed feelings about your relationship.
  • Help you get clarity about an issue or issues with your relationship that's confusing or stressful.
  • Helping you making a decision about whether or not you wish to stay in your relationship.
  • Develop strategies to communicate better with your partner, and avoid arguing or always falling into the same unhealthy patterns.
  • Help you find ways to balance your needs with your commitment to the relationship so that you don't lose yourself in your relationship.
  • Learn to express your feelings and emotions, and to be more assertive about what you need from your partner.
  • Help you deal with issues such as anger, jealously and insecurity that are having a negative affect on your relationship.
  • Help you manage stress related to problems your partner is going through, and help you deal with issues related to your partner's mental or physcial health.

You can read more about relationship issues and strategies to deal with them on my blog. or learn more about my couples counselling and marriage therapy. Whether working with you individually, or with you and your partner as a couple, I can help you deal with the issues you are facing and strengthen or rebuild your relationship.

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