Learn How to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps

Starting to meditate can be intimidating, but mindfulness meditation is really quite simple. You can learn all you need to know to begin practicing meditation from this five-minute video:


Of course each of these steps are much easier said than done, and they take a lot of practice to be able to do consistently, but these they provide a general outline for type of mindfulness meditation you might try. Here are the steps again:

The Five Steps

Step 1: Pay Attention
Step 2: Notice When Your Mind Has Wandered
Step 3: Acknowledge Where Your Mind Is
Step 4: Let Go Of The Distraction
Step 5: Redirect Your Attention Back To Where You Want It

Guelph Therapist Greg Dorter

I’m a Guelph therapist specializing in helping people overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. For more information about how you could benefit from mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, visit my Online MBCT Course webpage. To make an appointment for counselling or therapy in Guelph, please call me at 226-500-4086 or email greg@guelphtherapist.ca.

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